Quality Promise

The Oxebridge Quality Promise

Oxebridge Quality Resources is proud of its record of achievement in the areas of ISO 9001 implementation and other management assistance services. In keeping with the concepts of continual improvement, Oxebridge has adopted the following Quality Promise:

Ethics: Oxebridge will perform its work with the highest professional ethics, avoiding conflicts of interest, and striving to improve the profession through good works and professional responsibility. Oxebridge will present full truth in its advertising and services, in order to ensure total client confidence.

Value: Oxebridge will offer value-added services that are highly competitive, and offer opportunities for true value to our customers. Oxebridge will continue to offer a variety of free services and information in order to promote the industry and enhance workplaces.

Quality: Oxebridge will provide the highest level of quality to its clients, by analyzing each client’s needs and providing appropriate service to fully satisfy those needs. For all services, Oxebridge will endeavor to provide its services without interruption of the client’s normal operations, and without undue burden on the client’s management.

Usefulness: Oxebridge will provide services and products that are inherently useful to our clients, and utilize direct customer feedback to gauge that usefulness. Oxebridge will not market products or services that do not provide a meaningful and practical application.

Employees and subcontractors of Oxebridge are required to sign a contractually-binding agreement to abide by this Quality Promise. Oxebridge  maintains a formal means for clients to report perceived disconnects between Oxebridge practice and this Quality Promise, and ensure that such reports are directed to Senior Oxebridge Management.