OHSAS 18001 is a standard designed to define how best to manage an organization’s workplace safety and health programs, and to comply with OSHA and other regulatory requirements. It follows the management system structure model of such other standards as ISO 9001 (for quality management) and ISO 14001 (for environmental management), and as a result will mesh with pre-existing quality systems very easily.

Oxebridge’s OHSAS 18001 program was developed by a former Safety Compliance Officer and OSHA expert, and will help identify your company’s possible health and safety risks, develop mitigation plans, and meet all the requirements of this international standard.

As with all Oxebridge implementation programs, we develop custom documentation for you, based on interviews with your employees and utilizing whatever elements of your business are already compliant. We do not re-invent the wheel, or force you to change your processes if they already comply.

An effective OHSAS 18001 program can help reduce risk of injury to employees, thereby reducing insurance costs, and increasing productivity and employee loyalty. Contact Oxebridge today for a quote on OHSAS 18001 implementation, and find out how we can help make your company a safer and more productive workplace.