ISO 14001 is the world’s premier standard for implementing, maintaining and improving an Environmental Management System. More and more, ISO 14001 is becoming a requirement in government contracts, as the US looks towards a “green” future.

To respond to this growing need, Oxebridge has begun offering ISO 14001 implementation.

Oxebridge performs documentation development for ISO 14001 based on your current company practices and, if applicable, existing ISO 9001 or other quality management system, making sure the documentation and systems are a “perfect fit” for your organization. We then use our¬†vast knowledge of federal, state and local environmental regulations to perform the second half of the implementation, by identifying your specific environmental aspects and impacts. Oxebridge will train your employees, assist in internal auditing, and – if certification is your goal – ready you for third party ISO 14001 audit by the registrar of your choice.

Other consultants train your employees on how to write documentation, and then check your progress. Instead, Oxebridge develops the documentation for you, based on actual interviews and assessment of your current practices, offering solutions only where your current state specifically does not align with ISO 14001 requirements.

For existing Oxebridge ISO 9001/AS9100 clients, additional savings are available.¬†Sorry “rapid” implementation of ISO 14001 is not possible.

To obtain a quote for ISO 14001 from Oxebridge, contact us today.