Since 2000, Oxebridge has been helping client companies defray the costs of ISO 9001 and other implementations through the use of Federally-funded, State-managed grants. These grants apply to any service offered by Oxebridge, whether ISO 9001 or AS9100 or even CMS accreditation.

(Note: Some states may still be affected by a February 2008 US Congressional budget cut which may have impacted these grant programs; as of August 2008, however, many programs are running again with new or alternative funding.)

We have become experts in navigating the various grant programs and their unique particulars, and can easily assist you in filing grant applications — at no charge! — to ensure you get as much reimbursement as possible.In fact, our application completion skills have gotten so good, some states have actually adopted our streamlined forms for their own grant programs!

These programs are typically reimbursement programs, and the level of reimbursement is different for each state, based on your industry, location, and size. While the minimum reimbursement is 50% of Oxebridge’s fees, in some cases, Oxebridge clients have received 100% reimbursement, meaning our services were free of charge!

Because we know you may find this unbelievable, we even have a list of references for you to verify. You can discuss successful grant reimbursements directly with our previous clients.

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Below you will find a chart of states and available grant programs; if you are in a green-highlighted state, Oxebridge can easily help you obtain grant funding for its services. For other states, we can quickly research the program and let you know if grants are available in your area.

In all cases, we will help complete the necessary applications for you, free of charge.


Grant Program in Place?

Alabama Yes- verified
Alaska Uncertain — please call
Arizona Limited program — please call Oxebridge
Arkansas Yes- verified
California No — please call your State Representatives
Colorado Uncertain — please call
Connecticut Yes- verified
Delaware Uncertain — please call
Florida Yes- verified
Georgia Yes- verified
Hawaii Uncertain — please call
Idaho Uncertain — please call
Illinois Yes- verified
Indiana Yes- verified
Iowa Uncertain — please call
Kansas Yes- verified
Kentucky Uncertain — please call
Louisiana Yes- verified
Maine Uncertain — please call
Maryland Yes- verified
Massachusetts No — please call your State Representatives
Michigan Yes- verified
Minnesota Uncertain — please call
Mississippi Yes- verified
Missouri Uncertain — please call
Montana Uncertain — please call
Nebraska Uncertain — please call
Nevada Yes- verified
New Hampshire Uncertain — please call
New Jersey Uncertain — please call
New Mexico Uncertain — please call
New York Uncertain — please call
North Carolina Yes- verified
North Dakota Uncertain — please call
Ohio No – please call your State Representatives
Oklahoma Yes – verified.
Oregon Uncertain — please call
Pennsylvania Yes- verified
Rhode Island Uncertain — please call
South Carolina Yes- verified
South Dakota Uncertain — please call
Tennessee Yes – verified
Texas As of 2010, uncertain — please call
Utah Uncertain — please call
Vermont Uncertain — please call
Virginia No — please call your State Representatives
Washington Yes- verified
West Virginia Uncertain — please call
Wisconsin Yes- verified
Wyoming Uncertain — please call