Early AS9100 Rev. D Upgrade Services

AS9100 D ImplementationThe IAQG has delayed the release of AS9100 Revision D, while simultaneously refusing to extend the hard deadline for transitioning. This means that whereas users of ISO 9001 will have three years to update their quality systems to ISO 9001:2015, aerospace organizations will have a full year less to upgrade to AS9100 D. Given the additional complexities of the new AS9100 D standard, this adds tremendous uncertainty and risk to those companies seeking to maintain their AS9100 certification without a lapse. Companies that do not update by September 2018 will lose their certification, thus having to undergo an entirely new audit as if they were a first-time applicant.

Worse, the AS9100 certification bodies are wholly unprepared to begin the transition, which will require them to adopt new procedures and re-train their auditor pools. Some of these rules have not even been published, so the certification bodies cannot even begin to implement them. This may further delay even the availability of AS9100 audits until the last minute, making the situation far more unpredictable.

For user organizations, the new AS9100D standard includes some important new requirements, including risk-based thinking, context of the organization, counterfeit part control and change management. While not a dramatic upheaval, the new changes will present challenges for companies seeking to update by the September 2018 deadline.

Oxebridge is ahead of the game. Thanks to its contacts in the industry, we had “early warning” on the changes, and have developed a full implementation program based on the Ballot Draft of AS9100 D. Our upgrade program can implement the new standard right now, with free updating if any changes materialize in the final edition. Don’t believe it? We’ve already begun. This means we already have, right now, the practical experience necessary to implement AS9100 D, even in advance of the publication of the final standard. This has also made us the go-to source for certification bodies seeking input on what to expect when they audit their upgrade clients. That means even the registrars are coming to Oxebridge for advice on AS9100 D.

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Yes, the same program is available for AS9110 repair stations and AS9100 stockist distributors.