Do What’s Right

Oxebridge has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to ethical consulting. In today’s world, the word “consultant” brings up images of seedy salesmen, presenting long, open-ended contracts, and intentionally extending their dubious services for years, in order to guarantee an income — at the expense of the client.

We have rejected that approach, and instead maintain the highest ethical policies in the industry. As a result, we have become “Implementation Specialists” (people who DO) rather than “consultants” (people who tell others how to do.)

In keeping with our Quality Promise, Oxebridge is proud to announce it’s Do What’s Right policy, which will govern every action we take, as individuals and as a company. in the past, we haven’t always succeeded in “doing what’s right”, often going to battle with competitors and other organizations when there is clearly enough work for everyone in this industry. We acknowledge that, and by implementing this policy, will shall attempt to avoid such approaches in the future.

The Do What’s Right policy ensures high ethical behavior and practices, and is defined by eight core values.


1.) We will always take time to make the proper effort in planning the way we will approach a contract with a client.

2.) We will be mindful at all times of the client’s abilities, perceptions and changing situations, and adjust our approach accordingly to best suit the client.

3.) We will monitor our progress and continually improve it, day-by-day if necessary, to ensure the client’s satisfaction.


4.) All Oxebridge staff and management shall maintain a positive outlook on the benefits of the standards we implement, such as ISO 9001. While we are free to criticize problems we discover in the standards, the industry or with other companies working in the industry we shall always match the criticisms with positive, forward-thinking suggestions for improvement or solutions. We shall endeavor to present criticisms fairly and objectively. We will remain positive with our clients, and about our clients, no matter what problems we may encounter.

5.) We shall take action in accordance with all eight of these values, and do our best never to deviate from them. This includes actions when with a client, or simply when conducting internal work for the company. We will refrain from any negative dealings or conflicts of interest with third parties, in order to protect the integrity of the standards we implement and our company.

6.) We shall maintain this positive approach in all our dealings with clients and the public, in order to provide an example for other companies; we shall endeavor to hire individuals who have adopted such principles in their own lives, to further help the company perform ethically.


7.) We shall strive to always think about ways to improve Oxebridge, our clients, our programs, and our pricing, to improve the level of service and value we can present to clients.

8.) We shall maintain an ethical view at all times, never letting ourselves be driven away from the other seven core values. We shall help others understand our approach, and help them adopt it for their own use as best we can. We shall, as necessary, update this policy to improve it whenever possible.