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Dick Hortensius

The official representative to ISO from The Netherlands, and one of the chief architects of ISO’s “Annex SL” text, Dick Hortensius is one of the most influential people within the ISO 9001 world, and an open leader of ISO’s infamous Technical Management Board (TMB). As a result, he is forced to wear a special “TMB 9000” metal suit which protects him from any ISO 9001 user feedback; once inside the suit, he cannot hear anyone outside, but can still be heard by others when he speaks at length about matters for which he is wholly unqualified.

Hortensius suffers two downsides to his usage of the TMB 9000 suit. First, it has the word “DICK” on the helmet, and secondly, when he steps on small children, he cannot hear their screams. On the upside, when he steps on small children, he cannot hear their screams.

Dick Hortensius does not care what you think, nor even that you think, since he doesn’t really view you as human anyway. Sorta like Elon Musk, but without the money.

This character is based on a real public figure, and satirized for the purposes of humor and social commentary. The depiction within the strip is not to be construed as based on fact.




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