(Rapid 40-day program eligible!)

AS9006 is a guidance document for those companies that perform software design and development, or software integration, in aerospace applications. This includes developers of navigation software, avionics, guidance systems, simulation software and any kind of control surface software.

Specifically, AS9006 helps users interpret the requirements of AS9100 — which is biased towards hardware manufacturers — for their software development processes. For example, where AS9100 discusses the controls for nonconforming product, AS9006 helps interpret this to control nonconforming code.

There is no third party certification program for AS9006. Instead, companies electing to certify their AS9006 systems must actually undergo an AS9100 certification audit, but implement their systems in accordance with AS9006. Oxebridge’s AS9006 Implementation Program ensure that all necessary requirements of the AS9100 standard are properly implemented against the interpretations of AS9006, to ensure the system reflects the needs of software developers, and not hardware manufacturers. For companies that do both hardware and software, Oxebridge can create a system that addresses both documents, seamlessly and invisibly, without “doubling up” the documents or processes.

In most cases, a Rapid AS9006 Implementation is possible, however this requires the company put a handful of software projects through the processes implemented as part of AS9006; therefore, the final readiness time for AS9006 compliance may be based on the availability of suitable software development projects.

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