Nobody knows what “Risk-Based Thinking” is because it’s just a made-up term to cover a host of unrelated concepts. But here’s the rub: you gotta comply with it anyway, or you can’t get ISO 9001 certified.

So how do you comply with RBT? What even is it?

A while back we invented a simple tool — the COTO Log — that addresses ISO 9001’s requirements for “context of the organization” (COTO) as well as risk-based thinking. It’s easy, fast, and provides hard evidence that you meet the requirements. Show it to an outside auditor, and they will walk away happy as a clam. Which is how most of them smell, so it’s also ironic.

This cheap-o, two-hour, $50 course is suitable for any ISO 9001 or AS9100 user, no matter what position in the company, who has to understand and implement ISO 9001’s requirements for COTO and RBT. It will go over:

  • What is Risk-Based Thinking, and where did it come from?
  • What the hell does “Context of the Organization” even mean?
  • What are the actual requirements, not the made-up ones?
  • How to use the COTO Log to satisfy the entire thing without going mad in the process.
    • Identifying stakeholders
    • Identifying issues of concern
    • Assigning bias (risk vs. opportunity)
    • Advanced risk/opp ranking and tracking
    • Managing the entire mess

Each attendee will receive a training certificate and an editable copy of the COTO Log. (You’ll need MS Excel to use the log; Google Sheets doesn’t work very well in this case.)

This applies equally well to AS9100, so you rocket nerds can attend, too!

Presented by Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris, the author of Surviving ISO 9001:2015 and Eyesore 9000, and inventor of the COTO Log.

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