Just a quick update on the Levinson lawsuit, for those wondering.

The January 18th hearing was a bit of a mixed bag, with the judge deferring on a number of our motions to dismiss, shooting two of them down, but also dealing a significant blow to Levinson. A second hearing has been sent for March 21st to resolve two remaining issues.

I don’t yet have the transcript, but I understand that our motion to have the case thrown out because Levinson failed to provide sufficient evidence was denied; the bar for defamation is pretty low, so this was expected. The judge also denied another motion, which called on the “single action rule,” a complex rule that relied on the first motion to succeed; since the judge denied our first motion, this one fell down like a domino after it. I admit to not understanding the legal jargon here fully, however.

The judge did deal a huge blow to Levinson’s argument, however, by striking as many as 10 pages of his complaint — which had already been modified once — ruling that his bizarre argument that I am a “Social Justice Warrior” was “redundant, immaterial, impertinent or scandalous.” We argued that essentially Levinson was framing his case around what amounted to a personal insult, similar to suing someone just because you think the other guy’s a “jerk.” The term “Social Justice Warrior” or “SJW” is used as an insult by the fringe alt-right and white supremacist movement against anyone they feel is their enemy, typically those fighting against racism. But because it is just an insult, it’s not quite something you can structure a lawsuit on. The means that about a third of Levinson’s legal argument has been shot down already.

The judge then deferred two remaining motions to the next hearing set for March 21st, which will require my testimony. These have to do with whether or not Levinson actually served a proper “pre-suit notice” as required under Florida law, and the entire Anti-SLAPP argument. Under Florida’s Anti-SLAPP law, anyone found filing a lawsuit that purports to be about defamation, but which is actually intended to chill free speech, can see the case thrown out and then the plaintiff forced to pay the defendant’s legal fees. Levinson has made it clear that his intent is to obtain a permanent, overarching ban on anything I might ever write about him — ever — no matter if it’s a book review, a comment on a public political article he might write, or even a comment on his public speaking events. He’s also sent as many as 20 or more additional threats of litigation, based on every time he’s mentioned on this site in any context whatsoever; remember, you can’t sue for defamation unless it’s actually defamation, and suing merely because your name appears on a site doesn’t count as defamation. So those 20+ notices will go on the pile further hindering his argument that he’s not merely trying to silence someone he’s pissed off at. Expect another one just for this update.

Meanwhile, he intends to maintain his “anonymous” defamation websites where he trashes me, indefinitely, because apparently, he has a First Amendment right to free speech, but no one else does. That’s an extraordinary stretch, essentially meaning out of 7 billion people in the world, Levinson thinks he can select which of them, individually, has the right to comment on his public work and political speech, while he gets to accuse those individuals of crimes. We were concerned that the Anti-SLAPP rule might be an uphill battle, since the law is new in Florida, but the judge seems to have done her homework on it and is more prepared to attack it now. That’s good news.

Meanwhile, we’ve laid the initial groundwork for a Federal cybersquatting lawsuit against Levinson, as well as a defamation suit of our own. Levinson is already backtracking on some of his false statements, but refusing to retract them unless conditions are met. That’s not how defamation works; when you’re wrong, it’s defamation, and it doesn’t become less defamatory while you hold the victim hostage to some whackjob demands; if anything, that makes it worse. Levinson appears to be avoiding communication with his attorney to keep his costs down, so he’s essentially using Google to come up with a legal strategy. Hilarity shall ensue.

At the same time, Levinson is worsening matters by continuing his @Oxebridge_watch Twitter feed and his Osteinfo.net defamation website, both of we’re trying to get shut down, but at the same time they are gold mines for our side since they provide a nearly daily flood of evidence for court. This must be driving his attorney Mark Tischhauser absolutely crazy. We expect Levinson to find himself without an attorney soon, since he’s becoming indefensible, and instead going pro se and representing himself. The judge will love that, … as in not.

Levinson is already arguing — using his alternate attorney Mr. Google, Esq. — that “bitch sites” like Osteinfo.net are legal, as they allow customers to complain against companies. What Levinson fails to notice is that he was never my customer, and instead he claims to be a competitor, which destroys his own defense. Next, Levinson is suing me — one of his actual customers — after I wrote a negative book review about his Risk-Based Thinking Handbook, which I bought and paid for. So in Levinson’s mind, it’s only defamation when someone says something bad about him; otherwise, he can trash individuals alongside entire cultures, religions, nations and races, and it’s not defamation. That should go over well.

Levinson now faces getting dragged as a litigant or witness in the Elsmar case as well, since he continues to republish material from the Elsmar anti-Oxebridge sites, and continues to embed himself more and more into the hack event of May 2017. Whereas the Elsmar anti-Oxebridge website was signed by “Katzenhammer Kids,” for example, Levinson is inexplicably posting Katzenjammer Kids comics on his anti-Oxebridge twitter feed, as if to take credit. Again, that can’t be a strategy that his lawyer Tischhauser approved. It’s not good to intentionally make yourself a suspect in a crime. So the inevitable subpoenas and forced depositions will sort that all out. Which means Levinson will be forced to handle at least two, but maybe as many as four, simultaneous lawsuits in different venues. If he was trying to keep his costs down, he succeeded in the exactly the opposite. I warned Levinson that his defamation would get expensive, and now he’s learning just that. Everybody’s a tough guy until they have to start writing checks.

Finally, Levinson’s anti-Oxebridge twitter feed has grown violent. Recall that he started “@Oxebridge_Watch” to report “The Other Sides of the Stories Told by OQR,” according to the feed’s home page. It then includes only tweets regarding me and Oxebridge, and no one else. That feed then promotes the Oxebridge hate site Osteinfo.net, whose “Mission Statement” (yes, he has a mission statement… sigh) is “Cet animal est très méchant, Quand on l’attaque il se défend: this animal is very bad; when you attack it, it defends itself.” Levinson then tweeted a real video of a man being torn up by dogs in Morocco, saying, “‘Man’ throws stones at dogs for no reason (like rabid dog himself), wonders why he gets bit.” After he was called out on the Oxebridge feed for inciting violence, he claims he never meant me and that I’m imagining things, but then doubles down and restates the threat again, saying, “Only way to imagine dogs using [Chris Paris] as pull toy is to imagine him throwing rocks at dogs first!” It’s abundantly clear — and consistent throughout all his writings — that he is saying I started it by commenting on his publications, which justifies violence against me. This is also consistent with his 15+ years of anti-Muslim content, in which he seems obsessed with talking about shooting Muslims in the face. Levinson has an unhealthy attraction to horror and violence, which (again) will all come out in court.

And all of this stuff is admissible in court, mind you. Levinson appears to think he’s smarter than the entire judicial system and his own attorney. That never ends well. His attorney must be megadosing ibuprofen at this point.

So we’ll see what happens in March.



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