BSI has nominated Paul Simpson to replace Nigel Croft as the chair of ISO Technical Committee 176 Subcommittee 2 (TC 176/SC2) which is responsible for the drafting of ISO 9001 and related standards. Croft’s term is ending, prompting the search for his replacement.

ISO Technical Committees (TCs) are comprised of any number of Subcommittees (SCs) in order to organize the work done by the TC.

Simpson has been a technical expert for ISO on standards development, including for ISO 9001, since 2007. He is current director of the consulting firm s2a2s (Strategy to Action, Acton to Success) in the UK. He is the co-author of Implementing ISO 9001:2015, with Jan Gillett and Susannah Clarke.

Croft will be taking over as convenor of a new ISO Task Group on “ISO 9001 Brand Integrity,” for which Simpson is also a member.

The chair position for SC2 is considered the most influential role in the development of the ISO 9001 standard. Croft, for example, is considered to be the architect of ISO 9001:2015’s “risk-based thinking” approach to meeting Annex SL requirements.

In related news, the Chair position for TC 176, which oversees all ISO standards development related to quality management, will remain held by environmental expert Katie Altoft for another 18 months. ISO has been unable to find a permanent replacement Chair since Gary Cort stepped down after some controversy in 2014.