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Certificate Mill Operator Guberman: IAF Chair "Hacked" Lockheed Martin, US Government
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5 May, 2016
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26 July, 2017 - 8:06 PM
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Image Enlarger Daryl Guberman

[UPDATED; see below.]

In a series of rambling YouTube rants posted in recent days, certificate mill operator Daryl Guberman has accused IAF Chair Xiao Jianhua of “hacking Lockheed Martin” as well as major US government agencies such as the NSA and FBI.

The videos come after Guberman approached Lockheed Martin to offer AS9100 certificates and was rejected for not being accredited. Since then, Guberman has launched a flurry of public posts and videos accusing Lockheed Martin of corruption and fraud. In the videos, Guberman accuses Lockheed Martin’s CEO Marilyn Hewsen of various “crimes.”

Guberman attempts to make the argument that because the current IAF Chair is Mr. Xiao of Chinese National Accreditation Service, the IAF has been “taken over by a Chinese national.” He then conflates various conspiracy theories about Chinese hacking, to conclude that it was Mr. Xiao himself that conducted the hacks.

Right now the IAF is led by a Chinese national who, I have been saying time and time again, has hacked into Lockheed Martin, has hacked into our government, the NSA, the FBI, I think this morning even hacked into Daryl [sic] President Trump’s telephone.

He repeatedly claims “China is now running the IAF,” and says he and partner Don Labelle visited the Federal Trade Commission to complain about this arrangement. Guberman has gone so far as to demand that Lockheed shut down an entire jet fighter program:

“IAF is being run and governed by a Chinese national, whose company precedes him. They have hacked into Lockheed Martin. They shouldn’t even be building the F-35.”

He then defames aerospace manufacturer Pratt Whitney:

Pratt and Whitney — oh, my god, Pratt and Whitney — they have 61 rejections under the banner of IAF and ANSI-ASQ National Accrediting [sic] Board.

The logic of Guberman’s videos, if there is any, is that because Lockheed Martin requires suppliers to have AS9100 certification, and because official registrars for AS9100 are accredited by ANAB and other IAF member accreditation bodies, the aircraft manufacturer has jeopardized its F-35 jet fighter program, since the current IAF Chair is Xiao Jianhua of China. Guberman goes on to make multiple disparaging and defamatory comments about Hewsen, saying to Lockheed Martin workers, “If you think Marilyn Hewsen cares about you, remember you’re only a number.” He then goes on to accuse President Trump of caving into the Marilyn Hewsen in exchange for campaign donations, while bemoaning the personal treatment he received at the hands of prior employer Sikorsky.

Outraged that his self-accredited company Guberman PMC LLC is not recognized to issue AS9100 certificates, Guberman has rained scorn down on nearly every organization involved in accredited certifications, including ANSI, ISO, IAF, ASQ and a host of registrars he often references by name, including TUV, DNV and others. He continues to attack and defame former ANAB VP Randy Dougherty, even though Dougherty has been replaced by Lori Gillespie. He has posted numerous homophobic posts about Dougherty, intimating he is gay.

Guberman then claims, falsely, that his registrar is the “only independently accredited registrar” in the US; in fact, Guberman PMC claims “accreditation” by another company operated by Guberman himself, the American Board of Accredited Certifications, which does not appear to actually be a formal company at all, and is instead apparently just a website created by Guberman’s partner, Labelle. Guberman-PMC is called a “certificate mill” within the industry, similar to how “diploma mills” issue unaccredited and often fake university degrees.

Image Enlarger Felice Guberman

International rules require a consultant to be independent of the registrar, and the registrar to be independent of their accreditation body; the Guberman organization provides all three services simultaneously, so Guberman not only certifies his own consulting work, he then accredits his own certifications. To bolster his appearance of authenticity, he and Labelle then create numerous fake “accreditation logos” for organizations which do not exist, placing them on the resulting certificates.

Guberman often involves third party organizations in his controversies. In one video, Guberman wears a golf shirt bearing the logo of the Connecticut-based manufacturer Xcel Tool & Manufacturing. A check of that company’s website shows it is primarily an ad for Guberman’s ISO 9001 certification program. It is unclear if Xcel agreed to have their company promoted in what is open defamation against Lockheed Martin and various other international organizations. In another video, Guberman promotes his former client Francis Tavern in NY, and it is also not clear if the establishment knows they were mentioned in the video as supporting Guberman.

In the Francis Tavern video, Guberman’s headline reads “Daryl Guberman CEO meets with Major Players,” but he appears alone, and the reflection in his sunglasses shows he’s filming the entire video by himself with his cell phone. No other person appears in the video. In another video, Guberman claims to be meeting with “attorneys” to launch a class action lawsuit against the IAF, but is, again, alone in the video.

Image Enlarger Guberman outside the FBI Building

In another series of videos, Guberman poses outside various agency buildings in Washington DC, including the EPA, FBI and FTC, while asserting he was having “meetings” with the organizations; he does not appear to ever go inside the buildings. In another video, he openly accuses ANSI and the IAF of fraud. In yet another, he accuses the IAF of “extortion.” In a news article distributed by Labelle, Guberman calls for the imprisonment of IAF and ANAB leaders, saying, “Those behind the racket should be locked up for treason.

The videos include Guberman spewing nearly incomprehensible phrases, peppered with quotes from Thomas Paine. At one point Guberman utters the word salad, “We are as good as our name, and I will not defame, my name.” Guberman was arrested for drunk driving in Connecticut, where police reports show he forced another car off the road. He was released on $500 bond. This has resulted in some speculating that Guberman may not be sober in the videos.

The Guberman organization is currently under multiple criminal investigations, including felony wiretapping and “stolen valor” crimes, the latter prompted by Guberman’s claim that his company is “veteran owned.” Guberman never served in the military, and is currently using the photos and identities of dead and sick veterans on his website without permission. His wife, Dr. Felice Guberman, works for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, directing the Fellowship House rehabilitation facility for veterans in Rocky Hill; according to state records, Dr. Guberman was previously listed as the registered agent of Guberman-PMC. Guberman regularly touts his wife’s connections when selling his “VOB9009” certification services for veteran-owned businesses, creating a potential conflict of interest and violation of Connecticut state law.

Guberman and Labelle have a history of approaching organizations in order to obtain “exclusive” contracts for the provision of ISO consulting and certification, and when rejected, then launching intense defamation and harassment campaigns in which they then announce they rejected the organization, rather than the other way around. Labelle operates a network of press release syndication outlets, allowing the Guberman organization to maximize the distribution of its defamatory press releases.

Guberman has announced he intends to run for US Senate in 2022. Labelle is announced as his campaign manager.

UPDATE August 1, 2017:

Guberman has posted a new video in which he claims to be receiving “threatening and harassing” phone calls from all over the country:

I am bringing to light the biggest industrial scam this country has ever seen, and they’re threatening me. Someone is. I’ve gotten phone calls from Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Arizona, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, California, Arizona again, all over the place I’ve been getting phone calls. “You’re affecting my livelihood” and all these different expletives. I am bringing about change, and I am getting threats – getting threats! – from these people. It is absolutely horrendous what is going on here because I am bringing to light something that once it is broken, Bernie Madoff will be let loose from jail because what he did is inconsequential to what is going on.

He then paraphrases Thomas Paine again, by shouting, “It’s like giving medication to the dead!”

In the end Guberman blames all the calls, from all 12 of the states he mentioned, on one “accredited source.” He doesn’t name that source, however.

Guberman claims the messages left include profanity which he can’t repeat, but the claim exceeds believability. He and Don Labelle have occasionally left profane, swearing voice mails for their perceived enemies, and once called a retired US Navy SEAL an “asshole” for refusing to talk to them on the phone. Guberman left a voice mail for Oxebridge in which he called Christopher Paris a “motherfucker” while using a Donald Duck voice.

Guberman added 20 comments to his own video, and only one other person — apparently former TUV auditor Peter Maizitis posting as “Dance of the Druids” — added a comment of support, calling for a class action lawsuit. Typically, Guberman and Labelle are the only people who comment on his videos.

Despite falsely asserting the IAF is involved in international criminal conspiracies, Guberman and Labelle nevertheless use the IAF logo on their website for PR/ISO9001:

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