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The Oxebridge comic strip about ISO 9001, called THE AUDITOR, has now surpassed 500 individual strips.

The feature was added to the Oxebridge website in 2019, and was intended only to add about one strip per month. It quickly grew in popularity, however.

THE AUDITOR pokes fun at ISO 9001 auditors and the audits themselves, showing the often annoying antics of fictional auditor Ray Battlesbee as he audits his client Alex Mendes of Mundrum Machining Corp. It has since amassed a large cast of supporting characters, including satirical takes on real-life ISO figures.

In honor of the milestone, creator Christopher Paris worked up the “2023 Cast Photo” illustration above, along with a map of each character and link to their entries in the growing THE AUDITOR Wiki.

Below is the map for the cast photo and Wiki links.

  1. Marray Poppins
  2. Human Torch Dale
  3. Bat-Ray
  4. Rayzilla
  5. Spacesuit Ray
  6. Alfred Offaleater, NQF Audit Scheduler
  7. Red Stinkaway, ANAB Executive
  8. Jennifer Quackenbush, NQF Auditor
  9. Reg Borked, NQF Auditor
  10. Wolfman Ray
  11. Vampire Bat
  12. CQI Cultist
  13. ASQ Cultists
  14. Chinese Quality Cultist
  15. Terry Potsweeper, Mundrum Maintenance Manager
  16. Lady Hammertoe, ANAB Advisory Board Member
  17. Lord Fotheringay, ANAB Advisory Board Member
  18. Shirtless Guy
  19. Mister Fantastic Alex
  20. Terminator Ray
  21. Pinhead
  22. Elva Nilsen, IAF Secretary
  23. Graeme Drake, APAC CEO
  24. John Smith, totally not a Chinese spy for IAF
  25. Wesley Pisschurch, Nadcap Auditor
  26. Drake Phipps, Mundrum Design Engineer
  27. Jack Murphy, Mundrum Machinist
  28. APAC Flunky
  29. Derek Tongue, NQF Auditor (in training)
  30. Vince Desmond, CQI CEO
  31. Al Jarrett, Mundrum Machine Operator
  32. Bill Thriftpocket, Lean Six Sigma Expert
  33. Tim Lee, IAQG and Boeing Rep
  34. NQF Arctic Auditor
  35. Roger Bellick, Mundrum Sales Manager
  36. Henry Fordstein, racist prick
  37. Dick Hortensius, ISO Technical Management Board
  38. Elmer Pathetic, ISO Consultant
  39. UKAS Hunchback (really hunchbacked)
  40. Giorgio Fino, owner Fino’s Jewelry
  41. UKAS Flunky
  42. Ray’s Prostitute
  43. Matt “Lord Voldematt” Gantley, UKAS Executive
  44. UKAS Flunky
  45. Mundrum Manufacturing Engineer (unnamed)
  46. Maria Vela, Mundrum Technician
  47. Charles Klapp, Mundrum Purchasing Manager
  48. Farrah Fawcett
  49. Ray-Hulk
  50. Dale Carcinogen, ANAB Auditor (deceased)
  51. Gisele de la Cruz, Mundrum Welder
  52. Dr. Feetorius, NQF Mad Scientist
  53. Allan the Hunchback, NQF Lab Assistant (not hunchbacked)
  54. Elbow-Neck, ANAB Administrator
  55. APAC Flunky
  56. Vermin Halfenwit, ISO 9000 World Conference Organizer
  57. 1800s Alex
  58. Joan Sims, Mundrum HR Manager
  59. Nigel Croft, ISO Gadfly and Shower Enthusiast
  60. Herminigildo de Axila, IAAC Representative
  61. Kane (and friend)
  62. Invisible Girl Valvula
  63. Emanuele Riva, IAF Chair (and blockhead)
  64. Ian Hole, Guardian Reporter
  65. Roslyn Kraft, Mundrum CEO
  66. Ted Baxter, Mundrum Machinist
  67. Ray Noir
  68. Sergio Mujica, ISO Secretary-General
  69. ISO Emperor
  70. ISO Guard
  71. 24th Century Ray
  72. 24th Century Alex
  73. Big John Washington, Mundrum Laser Machinist
  74. Perry Johnson
  75. Toadman
  76. Artemis Beefchunk, ANAB advisor
  77. Russian General
  78. Randall Fapfast, CMMC Consultant
  79. Gary Smarmy, ANAB Administrator
  80. University Professor Ray
  81. James Pestilent, Mundrum IT Manager
  82. Vladimir Putin
  83. Mummy Ray-Ho-Tep
  84. Billy Chimkins
  85. Dracula Ray
  86. Mermaid Ray
  87. The Thing Ray
  88. Primitive Man Ray
  89. Carmen Miranda Ray
  90. Elon Musk, racist prick
  91. Activist Ray
  92. Old Man from The Blob
  93. Don LaDouche, accreditation mill operator
  94. Daryl Mongo, certificate mill operator
  95. 1800s Ray
  96. Mister Hyde
  97. Igor Griboyedov, Mundrum QC Manager
  98. Valvula, waitress at Rubber’s Rib Shack
  99. Toadies
  100. Little Timmy, NQF Auditor (puppet)
  101. US TAG 176 Rats
  102. More US TAG 176 Rats
  103. Statue entitled “Study in the Excellence of Manhood”
  104. Alex Mendes, Mundrum Quality Director (The Client)
  105. Ray Battlesbee, NQF auditor (The Auditor)