Meet “Dr.” Govind Tiwari of Qatar, who decided he’d join the new wave of ISO consultants who pretend to have insight into the content of the upcoming ISO 9001 revision, even though no one has ever heard of them. I suspect we can expect a lot of this in the coming months, as consultants try to earn clicks with completely made-up bullshit.

If you recall, last week Italian scammer Fabio Bertolini made up some outright nonsensical claims about what — he says — will be in the new ISO 9001 standard. He later admitted he didn’t have any actual insight, but used Chat GPT to write his post.

What got my attention with the Tiwari bullshit, however, was the fact that he just full-on stole a graphic from the Oxebridge website, which I personally created, and then put his own name on it. That’s ballsy. Here’s what he used as his graphic for his LinkedIn post:

And here’s the original graphic, as it appears in the original Oxebridge article from April 2023, here.

Tiwari is apparently knighted by the UK’s Chartered Quality Institute as a full “CQI MCQI”, so he’s accountable to CQI’s Code of Ethics. In checking his content, Tiwari has recently pumped out a few articles for the CQI site, which appear either to contain plagiarized material or Chat GPT-created content.

For example, his article “10 Tips for Managing Risk in Complex Projects,” dated January 2024, contains this sentence:

What is risk management? If you work in quality, you’ll know that risk management is a systematic and strategic approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating uncertainties that could affect the achievement of objectives, both positively and negatively.

But an article appearing from the Harvard Business School on “What is Risk Management,” dated October 2023, says this:

What is risk management? Risk management is the systematic process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating threats or uncertainties that can affect your organization. It involves analyzing risks’ likelihood and impact, developing strategies to minimize harm, and monitoring measures’ effectiveness.

When I confronted Tiwari about his copyright theft, he immediately blocked me. I’ve confirmed that Tiwari did NOT remove the content — it’s still up here, but with my comments removed. So this is willful copyright infringement, not accidental.

It’s also worth looking at just what Tiwari is saying will be included in the new ISO 9001 standard:

  • “Project Management Principles with APQP Milestones”
  • “Product and service safety”
  • “QROA (Quality Risk and Opportunity Analysis)”
  • “Product FMEA, Process FMEA and anti-error devices”
  • “Security and business continuity plans;’
  • “Integration of the concept of obligation and conformity assessment”

(I have no idea what that last one even means.)

The list reads as a consultant’s acid trip, and it’s not at all clear where Tiwari got this from. There’s no evidence that any of that is even being discussed, much less actually included.

I’ve sent a complaint over to CQI, so we will see if they do the right thing and eject his sorry ass from their cult. I’m keeping expectations low, however, since CQI is desperate for members. Vince Desmond may need every Qatari copyright thief he can get.


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