A dutiful reader noted that I hadn’t written a blog posting since last month, and he thought the site was broken. The truth is there is a lot of new material coming, mostly with guidance documents, and they are taking a long time to write. So the site’s still working fine, after our latest maintenance update, it’s just I’ve been too busy to publish new articles.

Here’s a quick update on what has been going on in the O-Sphere, though:

  • DUMBAS9100 UPDATE: Work on DumbAS9100 Rev The D (yes, that’s the name I’m going with) is well underway, with it being about 50% completed. This will update the world’s only parody QMS standard for aerospace to the latest edition, and will be equally useful for those seeking an update to our original hit, Eyesore 9000. The latest DumbAS9100 will come with the usual mature reader warning, and this time I mean it: the jokes in this one are a bit more risque than even I’m used to.
  • LEVINSON CASE UPDATE: On the legal front, Oxebridge has filed a motion to have Bill Levinson’s defamation suit thrown out of Florida court. The motion seeks fees available under the state’s new Anti-SLAPP legislation, which prohibits the filing of frivolous lawsuits typically filed under the guise of defamation, but which are intended to chill free speech. After pointing to Levinson’s political writings, Levinson sued Oxebridge for defamation. Since the comments were regarding his public and professional writings on matters pertaining to politics, the case falls nicely into the category of a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) lawsuit, and so Florida’s Anti-SLAPP can be called upon. But the law is new in Florida, and it’s not clear how the courts will rule. If the case isn’t thrown out, then a countersuit is a near inevitability.
  • ELSMAR/PEACHFARM: Also on the legal front, Oxebridge has retained a new attorney for the defamation case, as our previous attorney is representing a single corporate client now, and the case is moving forward with new vigor. Thanks to a  “sting” op conducted by a faithful Oxebridge reader, we’ve obtained new evidence about “John Peachfarm” which confirms one of my assumptions about his identity, while disproving a few others. While it’s all very interesting, the latest revelations also limit my ability to talk about it. (Update 7/24: the two Peachfarm defamation sites were shut down — again — nearly immediately after this article was originally published. That typically means that someone is preparing a legal action, and is attempting to hide the previous defamatory material from their attorney; alternatively, it could mean the Danish police investigation saw some results. Or it could be yet another random mood swing.)
  • D-GOOB ON THE MOVE: Meanwhile, the industry’s resident garden gnome Daryl Guberman just went full-on criminal and broke the laws of two states and the Federal government by illegally recording a call I made to his “Advisory Board” member Kelly Rak of Laurel Wire. Apparently Guberman shares office space with Rak, and was sitting there as I called her to confirm if she knew she was listed on Guberman’s Board, since he has a habit of listing people who don’t know they’re on his Board, such as — you know — dead people. Rak confirmed it, but then handed the phone over to Guberman. Someone in the room — likely Guberman, but it could also have been Rak herself — then illegally began recording the call, and the later published it online, because publicly posting the result of your Federal crime is always a smart thing to do. //eyeroll// Recording a call without the consent of both parties is a crime under the laws of Florida and Connecticut, as well as anti-wiretapping laws within the Federal US code. The recording doesn’t do much except provide more evidence of Guberman literally engaging in defamation, but I sent a letter to Laurel Wire indicating their violation of the law anyway, to which they responded by recording an awkward “video testimonial” for Guberman. Now Laurel Wire as a company is implicated in the entire mess, although I am pretty sure they are caught up in this only out of stupidity, and not any actual malice. Since they’re the sort of company that buys ISO 9001 certificates accredited by the same guy who does the consulting and the auditing, stupidity remains the most plausible working theory. The courts are unlikely to care, though, and I’m still giving them some time to clean up their mess. Meanwhile, Guberman PMC is being investigated — yet again — for potential criminal violations of State law on entirely different matters; Guberman has responded by flooding his YouTube channel with more videos about Oxebridge, making matters all the more worse for him, and not better. ASQ Fellow Duke Okes then jumped in to support Guberman, too, because he’s apparently got so much money he is itching to give it all to his attorney, as he inexplicably injects himself into the various Oxebridge lawsuits. More on that as it develops.(UPDATE 7/20/2017: I received an email from Kelly Rak of Laurel Wire, who insists she does not share office space with Guberman, and that she had nothing to do with the illegal recording of the phone call. It’s all very odd, since it happened using her phones, on her property, with her equipment and by her paid consultant, and not once did she mutter an objection — we know this because it’s on tape.  I had written Rak a month ago, offering her a solution, but she ignored the email until yesterday, when her company name appeared on this website; only now is it a priority for her, but Rak also demanded I not write her back, cutting off my ability to contest her claims and work out a solution between us. So, naturally, now it goes before the attorneys as we prep for a charge against Guberman and Laurel Wire on the grounds of illegal wiretapping.)
  • PAUL PALMES REDUX: It’s not clear yet what happened, but Guberman also ran a video saying that TAG 176 Chair Paul Palmes reached out to him for help in his battle against yours truly, as well as to help crush ASQ and the TAG that Palmes is Chair of. That makes no sense, I know, but neither does the Guberman video. What’s damning for Palmes is that it also puts him in the legal crosshairs, and there’s nothing I’d rather do more than to get him under oath to explain those 20+ years of ISO experience he claimed to have, but which don’t actually match what his previous employers said. Like Okes, it’s not clear why Palmes would inject himself into the Guberman thing and expose himself to subpoenas and despositions, but —  as with Okes and ASQ Fellow Denis DeVos — it seems that some ISO consultants simultaneously have no problem siding with a certificate mill operator who calls them all criminals and is working to put them all out of business. Anything for cheap points, I guess.
  • LEGAL DEFENSE FUND: Given the ongoing battles with Peachfarm, Levinson, as well as Daryl Guberman and Don Labelle, you can always donate to our Legal Defense Fund, which earns our eternal gratitude, and the scorn of John Peachfarm, who is really, really pissed about the fact that people are donating.
  • AS9100 NEWS: After a May meeting with one aerospace prime, I met with another executive at a major aerospace firm in late June about pulling AS9100 from their requirements for suppliers. This company — who I’m not naming for a variety of reasons — is frustrated with the IAQG’s refusal to delay the September 2018 deadline, saying there is no way their company can meet the transition deadline, and how they expect hundreds of their suppliers to lose their AS9100 certifications for the very same reasons. This executive also expressed “total bafflement” as to how IAQG intends to have enough auditors to pull off the deadline anyway. Given that they expect (again) “hundreds” of their suppliers to lose certifications for reasons unrelated to quality, and due instead to problems entirely created by IAQG, the aerospace prime is considering abandoning AS9100 via a two-step “de-implementation strategy”: first, they will issue blanket waivers to AS9100 certified suppliers that will not see them de-listed if they do not achieve AS9100 Rev D in time, and then — in a few years — they will pull AS9100 requirements from all their contracts. It’s a bold move, and entirely the right thing to do. This executive said that he was also stunned how despite talking to IAQG members about this, they appeared to “not give a damn.”
  • BOOK UPDATE: Surviving ISO 9001:2015 Second Edition is underway, and this time it will be released on Amazon in hardcopy format. The Second Edition won’t have too much new material, but does clean up some of the typos from the first edition and expands the section on the history and origin of ISO 9001, with new information provided by some additional sources who were working back in those days. We’re hoping to have that released soon. Watch for it on www.survivingiso9001.com.

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    Christopher Paris is the founder and VP Operations of Oxebridge. He has over 25 years' experience implementing ISO 9001 and AS9100 systems, and is a vocal advocate for the development and use of standards from the point of view of actual users. He is the author of Surviving ISO 9001:2015. He reviews wines for the irreverent wine blog, Winepisser.