The website has been hardened to protect against some recent hack attempts. Most of the attempts originated from Ukraine and Turkey, and appear to be automated, but a few were also launched by two¬†known “bad actors” within the ISO certification scheme.

To protect against site outages, we have hardened the site using a number of tools. If you notice delays in site loading, login problems or any other site issues, please contact us.

The Oxebridge website contains no user private information, except for member names and login credentials. We gather no financial information or personally identifiable data. In the event of a hack, users are not vulnerable to any loss of privacy. It is likely the hack attempts are merely to corrupt the site temporarily, so that it is prevented from displaying the blog posts.

In short, this is a very low-risk site with nothing much of value, except for those bad actors seeking to stop the reporting we provide.

We are also improving the signup and login tools for the O-Forum online quality forum. These improvements will only impact new users, and current users should see no changes.



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