Oxebridge has launched its merchandise and products website at www.oxebridge.biz. The first products released by the company are a set of off-beat FOD posters for use by AS9100 user organizations and aerospace companies.

The site features links to Oxebridge Quality Press imprint publications, and is preparing to sell a number of other light-hearted and snarky products. These will include “special coffee mugs you can give to your ISO 9001 auditor and special t-shirts for the staff to wear on Audit Day.

Oxebridge won the oxebridge.biz domain name in a trademark dispute.¬† The World Intellectual Property Organization ruled that the site had been registered in bad faith and infringed on Oxebridge’s intellectual property rights, and ordered the site transferred to Oxebridge.

Turning the site into an Oxebridge merchandise platform is one way to turn a bad thing into something good,” said Mr. Paris. “And meanwhile it sends a message not to mess with our IP.

ISO 9001 and AS9100 auditors can expect to start seeing Oxebridge merchandise appearing at their clients’ facilities during audits.


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