Oxebridge has expanded its service offerings within the ISO 17000 series of accreditation standards. The new offerings now include consulting and implementation for ISO 17021 and ISO 17011, targeted at certification bodies and accreditation bodies respectively.

While Oxebridge began as a simple ISO 9001 consulting firm, the company’s experience with accreditation led it to begin offering ISO 17025 for calibration and test labs in 2006. It then followed up with ISO 17065 consulting in 2009, although the standard was known as “ISO Guide 65” back then.

During that time, Oxebridge had provided ad hoc consulting for a small number of certification bodies within the ISO 9001 management system certification scheme, acting on Advisory Boards and providing training. As Oxebridge’s role as industry watchdog, it’s work in accreditation standards grew, allowing it to become one of the world’s leading authorities on two critical standards: ISO 17011 for accreditation bodies, and ISO 17021-1 for certification bodies. Oxebridge is now one of the only consulting firms in the world that can assist certification bodies and accreditation bodies in compliance with the international accreditation rules.

In 2019, Oxebridge added ISO 17034 implementation for producers of standards and reference materials.

Now the full suite of ISO 17000 offerings provided by Oxebrdige are as follows:

ISO 17011: for international Accreditation Bodies who intend on accrediting other companies that certify persons, products or systems. Also includes preparation for compliance to IAF MLA and regional requirements. Read more here.

ISO 17021-1: for international Certification Bodies that offer certification of management systems (including ISO 9001, 14001 or 45001). Implementation of ISO 17021-1 is required if the CB intends to achieve international accreditation. Read more here.

ISO 17024: for bodies certifying persons, such as training organizations. Read more here.

ISO 17025: for calibration and test laboratories, to ensure their results are trusted and statistically valid. Read more here.

ISO 17034: for producers of standards and reference materials which are later used by test bodies or manufacturers; this ensures the reference materials are manufactured consistently, with traceability and undisputed accuracy. Read more here.

ISO 17065: for bodies certifying products, such as electrical, chemical or physical items; this ensures the certification of products is done objectively, with proper testing, and for international acceptance. Read more here.

All of the ISO 17000 series implementations can be performed remotely, with audits performed per our own international standard on Remote Auditing Methods, Q017. This eliminates expenses and cuts implementation costs by more than half.

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