Contradicting prior reports, an official with the IAQG has reported to Oxebridge that the first edition of the new IA9100 standard, intended to replace AS9100 Rev. D, will be released simply as “IA9100” without a revision letter. The revision letter “A” will then be used when that standard undergoes its first update.

This practice is in keeping with prior SAE and IAQG version control methods. The original AS9000 and AS9100 standards were both issued without revision indicators upon their first release.

Previously, attendees of the recent IAQG meeting in Belgium reported that the first edition would be released as “Rev A.” That now appears not to be the case.

The standard is still on track for a late-2024 release, and will continue to contain the core ISO 9001:2015 language. New aerospace requirements are reported to be added, including minor controls for cybersecurity, strengthened language related to product safety and ethics, and improved ties to AS9145 on aerospace PPAP and AQPQ requirements. These new requirements will not alter the core ISO 9001 text.

AS9145 will, itself, eventually be updated and released as IA9145.


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