The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has confirmed that it investigated ASQ State Section Chair William Levinson under its US Counterterrorism Division, coming on the heels of the Parkland shooting tragedy. Levinson is also a member of APICS.

The investigation was launched after Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris reported two tweets posted by Levinson on his anti-Oxebridge Twitter handle “@Oxebridge_watch,” which appeared to physically threaten Paris. The tweets showed a video of a man being “torn apart” by dogs, while Levinson posted cryptic messages which appeared to indicate he identified with the dogs. At the same time, Levinson posted on his website that he identified himself as “an animal” who “will defend himself.” Levinson claims the reporting done by Oxebridge on ASQ and himself is defamation, for which he reserves the right to defend himself against.

The violent tweets were reported to the FBI in Tampa, who handed the complaint over to the Wilkes-Barre PA field office, where Levinson lives. Paris was questioned by both offices, and the Wilkes-Barre Special Agent eventually decided that the tweet could not be investigated by the FBI, referring the matter to the Wilkes-Barre Police Department. However, after reviewing other posts made by Levinson, specifically one in which he fantasized about “shooting dead” a fictional 13-year old Palestinian girl, the FBI indicated it was opening an investigation into Levinson for posting “extreme ideology” under its domestic terrorism unit. Levinson has repeatedly posted violent images of beheadings, bomb victims, stabbings and dismemberment when discussing his anti-Muslim viewpoints.

Approximately one month later, the FBI reported to Oxebridge that the investigation was concluded, but would not reveal the results. Immediately after, Levinson stopped tweeting and posted a “Mission Accomplished” message on No word has come down of any arrest, so it is assumed the FBI found the postings troubling, but not a criminal violation.

The FBI has been under heightened criticism to investigate threatening or hateful internet posts, given its failure to stop the shooter at the recent high school in Parkland FL, who had a history of posting violent, right-wing hate messages on the internet.┬áLevinson has posted violent fantasies and imagery for approximately 15 years online, with the majority of his posts targeted as Muslims, who he has denounced as “subhuman.” Levinson has also referred to African-Americans as “niggers” and “subhumans,” and once called American Jews “oven ready.”

Both ASQ and APICS have refused to conduct ethics investigations into Levinson, despite being fully aware of his internet postings. Both organizations continued to allow Levinson to promote their organizations.

Ironically, even while the FBI literally investigated Levinson for domestic terrorism, Levinson has falsely accused Paris of supporting terrorism for challenging his views.

Levinson is represented by Tampa attorney Mark Tischhauser.

UPDATE 2 April 2018: Levinson has resumed tweeting and posting defamatory material on his anti-Oxebridge site.


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