Another rough cover concept for DR. CUBA with art by Samo94.

I’m thrilled to announce I have completed the first in a series of crime fiction / horror novels, DR. CUBA. And while that is at the editor’s for final proofreading before publication, I am just about two-thirds of the way complete with the sequel, THE THREE HEADS OF DR. CUBA.

The series is my love letter to the earliest silent crime and horror movies and serials, such as Dr. Mabuse the Gambler, Fantômas, The Golem, and Homunculus. In DR. CUBA, set in 1945, a huge series of gold heists plagued the world, threatening to destabilize entire economies. Inspector Heiner Thumann, having fled Germany and taken up a post at Scotland Yard, is sent to South America to investigate the crime wave, attributed to a shadowy figure known only as “Dr. Cuba.” At the same, a stoic, unnamed figure — who claims to lack a soul — sets New York City’s Chinatown underground on fire as he seeks a ship to take him on a secret mission of his own design.

The story spans multiple continents as Inspector Thumann must uncover the secret of Dr. Cuba’s global ambitions, including world-spanning criminal conspiracies and mysterious, ancient occult practices.

In THE THREE HEADS OF DR. CUBA, Inspector Thumann returns to Germany in 1946 to investigate three separate crime waves. A series of murders leaves behind blood-drained corpses, while elsewhere, prostitutes are being disemboweled by an unnamed killer. Finally, rumors swirl throughout Germany that a giant beast called “The Golem” is hunting Nazis hiding within the country. Soon, Thumann suspects the three crime waves may be connected to a resurgent Dr. Cuba.

The third book, tentatively titled THE BLASPHEMIES OF DR. CUBA, will likely explore some weird occult angles and rope in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, as well as draw inspiration from the famous film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

You can read a few sample chapters (in PDF format) right here!

I’ve set up the new, but it’s just got some placeholder material for now. Eventually, it will link to places to buy the books, such as Amazon.

If you’re a fan of old-style pulp novels, German silent films, HP Lovecraft, or crime fiction, this might be right up your dark, rain-soaked alley.

And, yes, this is why there haven’t been many new THE AUDITOR strips, as I’ve been using my spare time to pump out pulp novels.



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