BREAKING: A Florida court has thrown out six of seven counts made by ASQ Section Chair William Levinson in his defamation lawsuit against Oxebridge and its founder Christopher Paris. All six of the denied counts were related to defamation. A seventh count, related to tortious interference in business, remains intact, but is still subject to motions to dismiss.

The Florida court also ruled that Oxebridge is protected as a news organization, with the judge declaring:

…the website of Oxebridge at issue in this case [and] the postings thereon by Paris at issue fall within the ambit of the statute’s protection as an alternative medium of news and public comment. As a consequence, the Court finds that Defendants qualify as “media defendants”…

This precedence opens up further avenues for defense should Levinson re-file the complaints, or should similar suits be filed by other parties seeking to quash Oxebridge’s reporting.

Levinson has published over a decade of racially-insensitive material, including referring to Muslims as “apes” and “plague-carrying rats,” and Blacks as “niggers,” but has insisted that suggesting his publications are racist is defamatory.

ASQ continues to support Levinson, promoting his speaking events while working to block those of Oxebridge and Paris.

The Florida court’s ruling presents a second loss for Levinson against Oxebridge. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ruled that a defamation website set up by Levinson at violated intellectual property regulations as it was created in bad faith with the intent to harm Oxebridge’s business. WIPO forced Levinson to surrender the site to Oxebridge, and has now re-opened it as a branded merchandise outlet.

Levinson faces a coming Federal lawsuit alongside a number of other parties for harassment, stalking, doxing, defamation, and other Federal complaints. Levinson has falsely accused Oxebridge of supporting terrorism and spread the false claim that Oxebridge is “a bankrupt empty storefront.”



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