According to archived Google Groups posts for what was once Usenet newsgroups, ASQ Section 209 Chair and ASQ Fellow William Levinson was openly accused of racism and homophobia in 2004, after referring to Muslims as “ragheads” and African Americans as “niggers.” Levinson did not challenge the quotes attributed to him, but defended them, and then attacked one of his critics by implying he was gay.

In a thread published in 2004 on the Usenet newsgroup, user Paulo Pizzi pointed out a series of quotes from Levinson, taken from other discussion threads, which reveal Levinson using racist language over an extended period of time. Pizzi posted his accusation under the headline “Levinson is a big racist and a hypocrite.” The entire discussion can still be viewed here.

The Pizzi reposts include snippets where Levinson repeatedly referred to Muslims as “ragheads” and “sand apes.”

One quote (here) discovered by another user “Patriot” included Levinson openly referring to African Americans a “niggers” and “sub-humans.”

“For many years I respectfully referred to african americans as “blacks”.  Not any more. After hearing  anti-Israel comments in a speech by “Reverend” Louis Farakhan, I decided that the term “nigger” accurately reflects the mental abilities of these sub-humans.”

The original source of that quote appears to have been deleted, but at the time Levinson immediately responded and did not challenge the quote, but instead challenged Patriot to add an anti-Muslim comment “to your list of my quotes“:

In which case the men in question were innocent Muslims and people like any other people as opposed to Islamofascist sand apes.

On the other hand, I have no problem calling the subhuman filth that beheaded Nick Berg sand apes, cockroaches, sand Nazis, and ragheads. Add
that to your list of my quotes, as long as you keep it in context.


In a more recent comment originally posted on The American Thinker, Levinson paraphrased Martin Luther King Jr. to bemoan how Blacks would misinterpret his calling them niggers:

On another newsgroup, talk.politics.guns, Levinson responded to a request for additional “nigger nicknames,” and offered “race mongrels” and “throwbacks to the blackest specimens of the wilds“, by then adding a link to his now-defunct racist website


On the newsgroup soc.culture.israel, Levinson offered up some nickname for Muslims, including “sand ape” but said he “loved” another reader’s nickname: “dune baboon”:


Levinson’s use of racist terminology, couched as being targeted only at the “bad” minorities, was so prevalent, it led Usenet reader “Patriot” to start an entire thread debunking Levinson’s defense.

In an article on Israpundit, which Levinson has since removed but is still visible as a repost on, Levinson defended his use of dehumanizing terminology for certain minorities:

I also use terms like “sand ape,” “sand Nazi,” “filth in a dirty nightshirt,” “raghead,” and “Hitler in a Headscarf” deliberately. The enemy is not an “insurgent” and he is certainly not, as Michael Moore put it, a “Minuteman.” He, or rather IT, is a piece of subhuman filth worthy of extermination like a cockroach. (The latter assertion is backed up with a litany of facts such as the enemy’s conducting war while masquerading in civilian clothing, murdering its own country’s civilians as well as American soldiers wholesale, and sawing off hostages’ heads while chanting to Allah.) As Patton said, we must the language of soldiers who are ready to kill– in his day it included words like “Krauts,” “lousy Hun bastards,” “Nazis,” and “Japs”– as opposed to language suitable for discussion over afternoon tea.

To avoid the enemy’s standard accusation of “Racism!” I would add the following slogan: “Homo sapiens by birth, subhuman by choice.” This emphatically repudiates the idea that the enemy is what it is because of its race or genetics but has CHOSEN to behave in a manner that is not recognizable as human.


Levinson is suing Oxebridge for defamation, claiming that he never referred to minorities as subhuman or apes. Since filing his lawsuit, however, Levinson admitted he referred to American Muslim students at the University of California Irvine, where he works as a professor, as “apes” because of their “uncivilized” behavior. These revelations from 2004 further erode his legal claims, as the ultimate defense against defamation is the truth. It is now clear that in multiple posts over a decade or more, Levinson has used terms such as “sub-human” to refer to minorities, and was in fact branded a “racist” over a decade before Oxebridge made the accusation, and which was vigorously argued by many other internet users over the years.

In 2004, Levinson was also accused of homophobia. In one of his attacks against Pizzi, Levinson accused Pizzi of being gay and stalking him, and then conflated homosexuality with bestiality and pedophilia, resulting in the charge of homophobia. (Source.)

ASQ Section 205 in Binghamton NY is forging ahead with their planned dinner event in April where Levinson is scheduled to give a speech on “culture.” Neither ASQ headquarters nor the Binghamton leadership has replied to emails about the event. The NY Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which Levinson has accused of supporting terrorism, has acknowledged their concern over the ASQ event, but it is not yet clear if they plan a protest.

ASQ has still not taken any action against Levinson, allowing him to retain not only his Fellow status, but also his Chairmanship in the ASQ 209 Section. The leadership of that section has refused to reply to any emails regarding Levinson, nor to comment on the controversies surrounding their Chair. ASQ updated its Code of Ethics after the Levinson controversy broke, but has refused to issue a general denunciation against racism for months. ASQ Board members have likewise refused to do so, and appear crippled in their ability to take on the issue, even as it spirals out of control.

ASQ ethics expert Scott Laman wrote to Oxebridge complaining about an editorial graphic posted on social media by Oxebridge which showed a hooded KKK member on the cover of Quality Progress; Laman appeared more concerned with the accusation of racism in ASQ’s midst than the actual presence of overt racists.

Quality Digest magazine. meanwhile, also continues to support Levinson, having hired an attorney to help defend it against complaints made about Levinson. They have continued to publish his articles, including a recent piece that “whitewashes” the anti-Semitic beliefs of Henry Ford.

In what appears to be a move to rebrand himself as tolerant, Levinson recently added an “Equal Opportunity/ Anti-Discrimination Policy” on his anti-Oxebridge defamation site, and tweeted out images of Martin Luther King, Jr. on his Twitter feed.

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