This gets gruesome, so be warned.

Pennsylvania ASQ Section 209 Chair Bill Levinson once posted a fantasy whereby he mused about murdering a 13-year old girl, a scenario which he framed as a lesson against terrorism. The post was originally made here, but you’ll have to scroll through a lot of Levinson hate-posts to find the exact one (search “noble” and it should pop up.) In the post, Levinson published a graphic photo alleged to be a Palestinian lynch mob, replete with two bloody corpses, and he then linked to three additional gore-images that have since been removed. I’m not going to publish his snuff porn images (again, read the link above), but instead, here’s the text-only version (emphasis added):

The Noble Palestinians

Bill Levinson – April 17, 2006

Here are some pictures of the handiwork of the noble, downtrodden, oppressed Palestinians at its finest. Yes, if a 13-year-old Palestinian was coming at me with a backpack in an area where she was not supposed to be, refused orders to stop, and the began screaming at me in Arabic, I also would shoot her dead because I don’t want to end up like this:

[Link to image dead]

X-ray of nail bomb victim:

[Link to image dead]
[Link to image dead]

Levinson’s post, pixelated to obscure violent image.

Keep in mind, he posted this on the site for the Los Angeles Independent Media Center, a place where its readers are probably not likely to look at snuff porn. Levinson likes to collect horrific images of terrorist violence — beheadings, hangings, torn-off limbs, etc. — and then post them on public discussion boards for shock value, to justify his argument to destroy Muslims he doesn’t like. So his lurid and disgusting tendency to just throw a link to “x-ray of nail bomb victim” is par for the course.

In his fantasy, he imagines a 13-year old girl running at him with a backpack, yelling in Arabic, and refusing his orders for her to stop. He then “shoots her dead.” There’s no situational analysis here, despite Levinson’s fantasy that he’s a military expert. He doesn’t bother to understand that he, Levinson, doesn’t speak Arabic, and is therefore likely yelling at the girl in English. He doesn’t bother to wonder if the girl in his fantasy is fleeing something far worse. She is just running, yelling in a language he can’t speak, carrying a backpack. A girl running at him speaking Arabic is presumed to be an armed terrorist, and must be killed on the spot. His fear of Muslims leads him to justify full-on murder, and presumably worry about the details later.

What Levinson just argued for was murder. Not justifiable homicide, and not a wartime killing. He literally presented a scenario where he, a private citizen, murdered a 13-year-old girl in cold blood, just because she was a Muslim who didn’t speak English.

This, by the way, is the same fantasy murder scenario that Levinson muses about in his American Thinker article, wherein he imagines running over a crowd of Black Lives Matters protesters, calling it “justifiable homicide,” without concern for actual situational realities nor the resulting consequences. So Levinson has a long and troubling internet history of inventing fictional scenarios which allow him to discuss killing folks, while the rest of us are happy to talk about Star Trek or fried chicken recipes. Levinson’s go-to comfort place is death.

Anyway, I pointed this grotesque post out on Twitter, asking ASQ to consider it in their ethics investigation (which they aren’t even conducting), and within 24 hours Levinson updated his anti-Oxebridge defamation site at to include a massive 875-word rant dedicated to his outrage over my reminding people how he likes to fantasize about shooting children. Click here to see his entire rant.

Not having evolved his position one whit since 2006, Levinson just doubled-down about wanting to kill children, adding levels of detail that didn’t exist in his original post. Sez Lev now, as of this week, on his Osteinfo site:

Chris Paris recently accused someone he is fighting of advocating the “murder” of a teenage Palestinian girl when the girl (1) carried a backpack to an area where she did not belong, (2) disobeyed a police or military order to stop, (3) yelled in Arabic what they did not understand, and (4) threw her backpack at the cops/soldiers. Either Chris Paris has no clue about military security or he decides to ignore it to stain his enemies, using the same arguments as apologists for terrorist violence against Israelis.

(Yes, he’s writing this while pretending to be someone else, since Levinson is at heart a coward, like most internet trolls.)

Look at what he’s changed. In his original 2006 post, Levinson imagined it was he, himself, yelling at the girl, and there were no “police or military.” In his revised telling, Levinson says the girl threw the backpack, whereas in his original post she merely had a backpack. Not only that, Levinson now claims she threw the backpack at “cops/soldiers” who aren’t mentioned in his original story. We’ll ignore the part about the girl being expected to speak English, and that her use of Arabic is what gets her shot by Levinson.

What if that girl had been running toward Levinson because she was being chased by actual terrorists, and thought he could save her? He’d kill her. What if she was playing — which 13-year old girls are apt to do —  and Levinson misinterpreted her Arabic as a threat? She’s still dead. What if she was a local informer, and was running back with important information for the US troops and needed her translator? Nope, she’s dead. None of these possibilities matter. Levinson wanted to invent a scenario where he gets to fantasize about killing a girl. And so he did.

Criticizing Levinson = Act of Terror

Just for pointing people to his post, Levinson now accuses me — at length — of supporting terrorism.  On his Osteinfo site he says, “Oxebridge Lines Up with Apologists for Palestinian TerrorismIt’s just bizarre.

(Again, you can click here to see an image version of it, which won’t drive traffic to his site, but will nevertheless let you see the shit he posts.)

He then goes on to say “Chris Paris and Oxebridge are already known for having defined terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Al Qaeda, and ISIS (Daesh), and the Iranian repressive government as “innocent Muslims” in order to defame the victim [Levinson] as an Islamophobe.” Levinson won’t be able to produce a single quote from me that ever claimed Hamas, Al Qaeda or ISIS was “innocent.” And he’ll be ordered to produce those quotes in court, and when he can’t, he’ll then be ordered to start writing me checks. He doesn’t seem to understand the difference between what his brain imagines it read, and the actual published words.

His @Oxebridge_watch Twitter feed goes further, saying that I “join supporters of Palestinian terrorism” and by including yet another gore photo. The photo is of a bombing in Lebanon, managed by Iran, and not an act of Palestinian terrorism, but facts don’t matter if you can post some blood. (Good lord, can you imagine what Levinson’s hard drive looks like? Who collects this shit?)

And here’s where his after-the-fact revisionism gets him into even more trouble. His original post talked about himself shooting the teenager; he said, “I also would shoot her dead,” meaning Bill Levinson. In his Osteinfo retelling, he says a “soldier or cop shot the girl. This means that suddenly Levinson himself has become a “soldier or cop.” Levinson is, of course, neither, and never has been, and now he’s engaged in either outright defamation against me, or Stolen Valor. You pick.

The Osteinfo screed includes a bulleted list of various Muslim atrocities (natch), as well as a scan of the Marine Corps’ “Interior Guard Manual” chapter on when it’s OK to use deadly force. Yes, along with a catalog of snuff porn photos, Levinson — who never served in the military — keeps copies of military procedures on how and when to kill people. Meanwhile, the rest of us collect stamps or Pokemon.

It’s not clear, therefore, is Levinson actually knows he’s not a former soldier. He may have fallen so deep into his own internal script, that he actually believes it. Scary.

Levinson Has a Muslim Problem

Let’s face it: Levinson has a Muslim problem. His lawyer has filed his defamation suit based on the claim that Levinson is not Islamophobic — you can read his attorney’s full filing here (PDF – 24Mb) —  but his original post is a textbook definition of the term: in his fantasy, he is so terrified of Muslims, that a girl running at him with a backpack becomes such a threat he has to murder her in cold blood. Remember, he said, “I also would shoot her dead because I don’t want to end up like …” and then included photos of a victim of a “nail bomb.” He’s imagining shooting the Muslim because he’s afraid of her. That’s literally Islamophobia.

And there is at least 15 years’ worth of his posts online that were branded by other people as Islamophobic. This is not a new charge.

Levinson is not a cop, nor a soldier. He’s just some guy who owns guns and then has spent the better part of 15 years posting online about how he wants to kill people while quoting from Mein Kampf. This is not normal. All the red flags are being waved here.

Meanwhile, ASQ continues to reward Levinson with a Fellow honorific, and a State Chair position. Hmm.

Here’s Levinson fantasizing about “mass-shooting” those he calls “Jihad apes”:

And here he is suggesting you can “spit on the corpses” of those you kill:

Levinson’s Discus comment feed, from where the above comments were found, features the word “kill” 42 times. It contains the word “ape” 30 times. There’s lots of talk about only killing or defaming the “bad” Muslims, but even a cursory scratch at Levinson’s posts show that he’s leaving that distinction up to himself. One Muslim website put it succinctly:  “The problem … is that [Levinson’s] methods and examples do demonize all Muslims.”

I am horrified by Levinson’s obsession with death and blood. He routinely collects the goriest photos of atrocities — hanging, beheadings, dismemberments — and then posts them in public discussion forums for shock value, using them as anecdotal evidence to support his argument for wholesale slaughter of entire peoples under the guise of his personal war on terror.  This is immature horror-show is emotional manipulation of the worst kind, the stuff of an angry stunted man-child who never learned how to express political disagreements in a healthy, adult manner.

Levinson’s Violence Is Getting Personal

Levinson’s obsession with murder, murder and more murder, and his subsequent tortured attempts to explain himself as only being against “terrorists,” even as he presents scenarios that even a local beat cop would tell him would be criminal felonies of the highest order, is troubling. How does someone, sitting in his basement in Pennsylvania, who never served in the military and has only shot a gun at a range, become so obsessed with fantasies of murdering other people? At what point does this become a warning sign that someone should take seriously and act on? If something horrible goes down, are we going to be going back later and saying, “wow, all the signs were there, how did we miss that“? Are we going to have to get to the point where people interview his neighbors, who say, “he was quiet, kept to himself, but posted a lot of stuff about guns and killing“?

But what’s particularly troubling is how Levinson seems hellbent on making things worse for himself, as if his behavior is now entirely beyond his ability to control. Now he’s aiming his violent threats at me.

In January, Levinson posted a video on his @Oxebridge_watch Twitter feed of a man being torn apart by dogs, while making a cryptic comment about people getting what they deserve when they bother others.

Levinson then “laughed” after I read that as a personal threat, while nevertheless insisting that “the only way to imagine dogs using [Paris] as a pull toy is to imagine him throwing rocks at dogs first.” So, yes, essentially he admitted he was fantasizing about having me killed even as he insisted he wasn’t. And it’s consistent with material he’s written under his own name, and voicemails he’s left, saying that I should expect him to react since (in his mind) I attacked him first. His website even has the “Mission Statement” that reads, “This animal is very bad; when you attack it, it defends itself.” Yes, he just called himself an animal.

Now consider this: in an email sent to me on January 10th, Levinson has admitted to researching my children. He says that because I mentioned I had children on my website, that gives him license to confirm they exist (he’s trying to make the case that I lied about having a family at all… seriously.)  Think about that for a moment: a guy who openly talks about murdering children he views as terrorists now admits to researching the children of a critic who he claims supports terrorism. The same guy who thinks nothing of posting snuff porn of beheaded children. That’s literally only one degree of separation. But if I called the police, I’d be labeled an alarmist, a nutjob. (I called them anyway.)

Levinson has, for 15 years, called for the killing of terrorists and their supporters. So is it a stretch to be alarmed if Levinson then brands me with that same mark?

And this guy is still being protected by ASQ’s senior management? He still has a position as a State Chair? Seriously?

ASQ’s Responsibility in Supporting Violence and Hate

ASQ is going to be culpable. They have clearly thrown their support to Levinson, by continuing to promote his events, refusing to enforce their new Code of Ethics, and by providing tacit (if not material) support to his anti-Oxebridge activities. They have allowed Levinson to retain his positions in senior state leadership, and to continue to market ASQ activities through the use of his Fellow status.  Quality Progress is still running his articles. The co-leadership of ASQ’s Section 209 in Pennsylvania has refused calls to examine the problem, including Vice-Chair James Treadway and Secretary Kathleen Scott. The leadership fo ASQ Section 205 in Binghamton NY went out of their way to not only ignore, but block calls for them to do the same.

This is sick. And there’s no excuse. It takes exactly ZERO ounces of moral courage to come out against this kind of horrific hatred and violence. And yet ASQ CEO William Troy finds himself unable to take action, as if he’s so paralyzed with cowardice and bureaucratic rigidity that he can’t see what’s unfolding under his leadership. Or, worse, Troy secretly agrees with Levinson’s positions, and fantasizes about killing Muslims, too. You may dismiss that as crazy, but Troy’s doing nothing to dissuade people from coming to that conclusion. Remember, Troy won’t issue even a vague, dilute statement denouncing racism in even the most generic manner. Even that is too much of a heavy lift for him.

Perhaps the ASQ Board should eject Troy and replace him with someone who has the 1 ounce of moral courage needed to get ASQ out of the way of Levinson’s disastrous freight train of notoriety. Or perhaps ASQ members should show some courage, themselves, and tell Troy that he needs to fix this problem, or they will stop sending in their dues.

In the meantime, at least if I’m killed by this lunatic, the press can have a field day going back over what went wrong and how everyone involved went out of their way to ignore the signs.

To donate the Oxebridge / ISO 9001 Users Legal Defense Fund — which you can do anonymously — click here.

UPDATE 2/24: Levinson has thrown into a full-on tweetstorm making matters worse still for his legal defense. Now he claims the girl in his fantasy scenario was a “suspected bomber,” thus justifying her killing by Levinson, a private citizen. Legal tip: private citizens don’t get to decide if a “suspected” criminal of any stripe gets to be killed on the spot, because modern societies have courts for that sort of thing.

Next, Levinson then calls his teenage girl a “child suicide bomber.” Again, his original post said nothing of the sort, and Levinson thinks adding in details a decade later will fix his original error, because in his mind the internet is a time machine.

Showing a total lack of understanding how the law works, Levinson simultaneously makes the outrageously defamatory claim that I am “using arguments similar to those of apologists for Hamas terrorism and use of child suicide bombers,” but he then follows up that he intends to use that batshit crazy lie as “evidence for litigation.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

UPDATE March 3, 2018: Levinson has deleted the Osteinfo page that accused Oxebridge of supporting terrorism, as well as the Feb. 17 Tweet which did the same. He has also removed the January Tweets featuring the violent dog video.

Also, the thread where Levinson fantasized about shooting a 13-year old is massive. Apparently, when you scroll up a lot, you find Levinson is actually responding in reference to a discussion about the killing of Iman Darweesh Al Hams, a 13-year old Palestinian girl who was killed by Israeli Defense Forces for approaching an Israeli checkpoint; she was not found to have a bomb, and the killing has been condemned by international human rights groups. It’s not clear from the thread — again, it’s a huge page that runs 75 pages if printed — how Levinson ties all this together. Nevertheless, elsewhere in the conversation, he appears to be pulling some anecdotes of child bombers, conflating that with the Imam Darweesh Al Hams story, and coming to the conclusion that he has the right to kill teenagers. Again, you have to read the entire thread yourself, but good luck. Levinson has since doubled-down yet again and insisted the “child” was a bomber, which was not true.


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