The website for ASQ Section 205 Binghamton NY has pulled from its calendar of upcoming events a planned discussion on “culture” by controversial ASQ Fellow and Pennsylvania Section Chair Bill Levinson. Levinson has written a decade or more of online political commentary that some view as racist, in which he has argued that “Euro-American culture” is superior to that of Islamic and Third World nations.

The event had been planned for April 19th, but the Binghamton section’s website now shows a different event scheduled for April 21st, called “Technology for the Southern Tier.” Other than the date and title, the event is entirely undefined: the speaker for that event is not indicated, and the page indicates “Agenda Pending.” The page for the prior Levinson event now shows a “404 Error.”

Officials within both the ASQ headquarters and the Binghamton section have consistently refused to respond to Oxebridge’s questions about the event, so there has been no official confirmation of the Levinson cancellation. As a result, ASQ may have simply renamed the event and kept Levinson as the speaker, while concealing his identity.  The leadership of ASQ Binghamton has been contacted for clarification.

The Levinson event drew concern from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-NY), who Levinson has previously accused of supporting terrorism. Representatives of SUNY Broome, the Binghamton University Muslim Students Organization and the local NAACP chapter all expressed concern over the event as well.

Levinson has published controversial “alt-right” publications for at least a decade, wherein he referred to African Americans as “niggers,” Muslims as “sand Nazis” and American Muslim students at the University of California Irvine as “apes.” He previously published an anti-Muslim website which ran an offensive cartoon of the prophet Mohammad drawn as a pig, and once said that Muslims could be warded off by “scattering bacon bits” around one’s property. Levinson had previously tussled with online commentators who called him racist by accusing them of homosexuality, pedophilia and bestiality. In 2011, Levinson wrote that Islam stood for “I Sodomize Little Androgynous Males.” In 2006, he gave a description of how he would murder a 13-year old Palestinian girl:

Yes, if a 13-year-old Palestinian was coming at me with a backpack in an area where she was not supposed to be, refused orders to stop, and then began screaming at me in Arabic, I also would shoot her dead.

An ethics complaint has been filed against Levinson for violation of the ASQ Code of Ethics, but to date it appears the ASQ leadership is ignoring the complaint.  The leadership has also resisted a request to issue a generic statement denouncing racism, and instead issued a statement which appeared to indicate that ASQ would keep its membership open to everyone, regardless of hateful ideology.

Levinson is a state Section Chair for ASQ Section 209 in Pennsylvania, and an ASQ Fellow. He has contributed to ASQ publications such as Quality Progress.

Previously, Levinson was pulled from a speaking slot at the 2017 ISO 9000 World Conference when the organizer Sermin Vanderbilt characterized Levinson’s political writings as “hate messages.” Levinson’s book on risk-based thinking was removed from distribution on Amazon, but it is not clear if it was pulled by Amazon after Levinson was deemed to be in violation of their terms of service for posting abusing comments, or if it was withdrawn by Vanderbilt, who had published it through her organization AQI.

Levinson is currently running at least one “anti-Oxebridge” website defaming the company, while ironically suing Oxebridge for defamation in a Florida court.  At a recent hearing, ten pages of his complaint were struck by the court as “redundant, immaterial, impertinent or scandalous.” A second hearing on a motion to have the case dismissed is scheduled for March 21st.

UPDATE 5 March 2018: ASQ has now updated its event calendar, and it no longer lists Levinson. The April event is now listed as the “2018 Spring Quality Day Conference” and includes a list of speakers, none of which are Levinson. All references to Levinson have been removed from the Binghamton section’s website. It is not clear if this was due to the controversy, or if the Spring Quality Day Conference was a planned event that conflicted with the Levinson event, and that his event will be re-scheduled later. A May event has been added to the Section’s calendar, and is focused on “risk analysis and failure mode effects analysis,” two subjects for which Levinson is touted as an expert, but is being given instead by Richard Strube of Universal Instruments.

ASQ Binghamton leadership has continued to refuse to answer questions on the Levinson event.