The ASQ Binghamton NY section 205 is hosting a speech by beleaguered Section 209 Chair William Levinson from Pennsylvania, despite ongoing controversies surrounding alleged Code of Ethics violations, publications deemed as racist, and ejection from the 2017 ISO 9000 World Conference for spreading “hate messages.”

The talk, ironically, is entitled “Culture: A Decisive, Almost Free, Competitive Advantage.” This comes from someone who has spent the last ten years arguing against many of the world’s cultures, once publishing on his website that he “takes the unapologetic stance that Western (Euro-American) culture is far superior to the culture of Islamic supremacist and other Third World nations.” He once compared the entire country of Iran to feces while apparently referring to Asians as “yellow.” He once called China a “militant Islamic nation” — yes, he thinks China is populated by Muslims — filled with “nithings,” which he defined as “self-dehumanized enemies of Humanity.” He’s also quoted both Hitler and Goebbels as his inspiration for creating the racist slur “musloid” which he claims he invented to dehumanize “Islamic Supremacists.” The Council on American Islamic Relations indicated the latter term is used to refer to “Muslims we don’t like.”

Levinson gleefully republished a highly offensive image of the Islamic prophet Mohammad as a pig, referred to Islam as an acronym for “I Steal Lie and Murder” while referring to Mohammad as a “bandit,” and suggested “scattering bacon bits around the place” can ward off Muslims. And, yes, he totally called American Muslim students at the University of California Irvine — where he works as a professor — “apes” and worse than “plague-carrying rats.”

Levinson has called Mohammad a “child rapist,” and insisted he uses the term “Islamist” on when referring to terrorists; then he openly referred to all the Muslims of the world as “Islamists,” denouncing them for not having won as many Nobel Prizes as Jews and Christians:So here’s hoping there are no Muslim Americans showing up at the Binghamton ASQ dinner, because they might have a few things to say about culture, too.

Levinson was removed from a speaking slot at last year’s ISO 9000 Conference after organizer Sermin Vanderbilt read his political postings, deeming them “hate messages“, and writing “When I was made aware of [Levinson’s] writings, I could not believe how extreme they were. I was upset to my stomach.” Levinson’s book on ISO 9001’s “risk-based thinking” was removed from all publication outlets at the same time.

The Binghamton event once again shows that ASQ continues to support Levinson, even after having updated its Code of Ethics to get out from under the mess he’d made for them. At the same time, Levinson has swapped support with the ISO certificate mill operator Daryl Guberman. Guberman has accused ASQ of supporting terrorism against the United States.

ASQ advertised heavily in the issue of Quality Digest where Levinson wrote an article on “fake news” which attempted to whitewash critical elements of history surrounding the Holocaust.

So the bar for ASQ speakers at the Binghamton section must be pretty low, and presumably, they couldn’t summon the ghost of Mussolini. The Binghamton website gushes, “Come; experience the camaraderie of like-minded, quality professionals!” Just don’t be Muslim.

The event is scheduled for April 19, 2018, and costs $20, unless you don’t plan on eating, then it’s free. I suggest those with an easily upset stomach opt for the free option, since Levinson’s speech is likely to be stomach-churning. The event will be held at the TechWorks Center for Technology, the website of which has pictures of suspicious-looking Brown people, so presumably, they aren’t invited.

ASQ Section 205 Binghamton’s leadership includes Bob Neuberger ( and Jim Tregaskis ( both of whom I am sure would love to hear from you about your views on “culture.”


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